cv::SparseMat::Hdr Struct Reference

the sparse matrix header 更多...

#include <opencv2/core/mat.hpp>

Public Member Functions

  Hdr (int _dims, const int *_sizes, int _type)
void  clear ()

Public Attributes

int  dims
size_t  freeList
std::vector< size_t >  hashtab
size_t  nodeCount
size_t  nodeSize
std::vector< uchar pool
int  refcount
int  size [ MAX_DIM ]
int  valueOffset


the sparse matrix header

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆  Hdr()

cv::SparseMat::Hdr::Hdr ( int  _dims ,
const int *  _sizes ,
int  _type  


◆  clear()

void cv::SparseMat::Hdr::clear ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆  dims

int cv::SparseMat::Hdr::dims

◆  freeList

size_t cv::SparseMat::Hdr::freeList

◆  hashtab

std::vector<size_t> cv::SparseMat::Hdr::hashtab

◆  nodeCount

size_t cv::SparseMat::Hdr::nodeCount

◆  nodeSize

size_t cv::SparseMat::Hdr::nodeSize

◆  pool

std::vector< uchar > cv::SparseMat::Hdr::pool

◆  refcount

int cv::SparseMat::Hdr::refcount

◆  size

int cv::SparseMat::Hdr::size[ MAX_DIM ]

◆  valueOffset

int cv::SparseMat::Hdr::valueOffset

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