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#include <opencv2/core/types.hpp>

Public Member Functions

  Moments ()
  the default constructor 更多...
  Moments (double m00 , double m10 , double m01 , double m20 , double m11 , double m02 , double m30 , double m21 , double m12 , double m03 )
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Public Attributes

spatial moments
double  m00
double  m10
double  m01
double  m20
double  m11
double  m02
double  m30
double  m21
double  m12
double  m03
central moments
double  mu20
double  mu11
double  mu02
double  mu30
double  mu21
double  mu12
double  mu03
central normalized moments
double  nu20
double  nu11
double  nu02
double  nu30
double  nu21
double  nu12
double  nu03


struct returned by cv::moments

The spatial moments \(\texttt{Moments::m}_{ji}\) are computed as:

\[\texttt{m} _{ji}= \sum _{x,y} \left ( \texttt{array} (x,y) \cdot x^j \cdot y^i \right )\]

The central moments \(\texttt{Moments::mu}_{ji}\) are computed as:

\[\texttt{mu} _{ji}= \sum _{x,y} \left ( \texttt{array} (x,y) \cdot (x - \bar{x} )^j \cdot (y - \bar{y} )^i \right )\]

where \((\bar{x}, \bar{y})\) is the mass center:

\[\bar{x} = \frac{\texttt{m}_{10}}{\texttt{m}_{00}} , \; \bar{y} = \frac{\texttt{m}_{01}}{\texttt{m}_{00}}\]

The normalized central moments \(\texttt{Moments::nu}_{ij}\) are computed as:

\[\texttt{nu} _{ji}= \frac{\texttt{mu}_{ji}}{\texttt{m}_{00}^{(i+j)/2+1}} .\]

\(\texttt{mu}_{00}=\texttt{m}_{00}\), \(\texttt{nu}_{00}=1\) \(\texttt{nu}_{10}=\texttt{mu}_{10}=\texttt{mu}_{01}=\texttt{mu}_{10}=0\) , hence the values are not stored.

The moments of a contour are defined in the same way but computed using the Green's formula (see ). So, due to a limited raster resolution, the moments computed for a contour are slightly different from the moments computed for the same rasterized contour.

Since the contour moments are computed using Green formula, you may get seemingly odd results for contours with self-intersections, e.g. a zero area (m00) for butterfly-shaped contours.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆  Moments() [1/2]

cv::Moments::Moments ( )

the default constructor

◆  Moments() [2/2]

cv::Moments::Moments ( double  m00 ,
double  m10 ,
double  m01 ,
double  m20 ,
double  m11 ,
double  m02 ,
double  m30 ,
double  m21 ,
double  m12 ,
double  m03  

the full constructor

Member Data Documentation

◆  m00

double cv::Moments::m00

◆  m01

double cv::Moments::m01

◆  m02

double cv::Moments::m02

◆  m03

double cv::Moments::m03

◆  m10

double cv::Moments::m10

◆  m11

double cv::Moments::m11

◆  m12

double cv::Moments::m12

◆  m20

double cv::Moments::m20

◆  m21

double cv::Moments::m21

◆  m30

double cv::Moments::m30

◆  mu02

double cv::Moments::mu02

◆  mu03

double cv::Moments::mu03

◆  mu11

double cv::Moments::mu11

◆  mu12

double cv::Moments::mu12

◆  mu20

double cv::Moments::mu20

◆  mu21

double cv::Moments::mu21

◆  mu30

double cv::Moments::mu30

◆  nu02

double cv::Moments::nu02

◆  nu03

double cv::Moments::nu03

◆  nu11

double cv::Moments::nu11

◆  nu12

double cv::Moments::nu12

◆  nu20

double cv::Moments::nu20

◆  nu21

double cv::Moments::nu21

◆  nu30

double cv::Moments::nu30

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