cv::videostab::MoreAccurateMotionWobbleSuppressor Class Reference 视频稳定

#include <opencv2/videostab/wobble_suppression.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cv::videostab::MoreAccurateMotionWobbleSuppressor:
cv::videostab::MoreAccurateMotionWobbleSuppressorBase cv::videostab::WobbleSuppressorBase

Public Member Functions

virtual void  suppress (int idx, const Mat &frame, Mat &result) CV_OVERRIDE
-  Public Member Functions inherited from cv::videostab::MoreAccurateMotionWobbleSuppressorBase
virtual int  period () const
virtual void  setPeriod (int val)
-  Public Member Functions inherited from cv::videostab::WobbleSuppressorBase
  WobbleSuppressorBase ()
virtual  ~WobbleSuppressorBase ()
virtual int  frameCount () const
Ptr < ImageMotionEstimatorBase motionEstimator () const
virtual const std::vector< Mat > &  motions () const
virtual const std::vector< Mat > &  motions2 () const
virtual void  setFrameCount (int val)
void  setMotionEstimator ( Ptr < ImageMotionEstimatorBase > val)
virtual void  setMotions (const std::vector< Mat > &val)
virtual void  setMotions2 (const std::vector< Mat > &val)
virtual void  setStabilizationMotions (const std::vector< Mat > &val)
virtual const std::vector< Mat > &  stabilizationMotions () const


-  Protected Member Functions inherited from cv::videostab::MoreAccurateMotionWobbleSuppressorBase
  MoreAccurateMotionWobbleSuppressorBase ()
-  Protected Attributes inherited from cv::videostab::MoreAccurateMotionWobbleSuppressorBase
int  period_
-  Protected Attributes inherited from cv::videostab::WobbleSuppressorBase
int  frameCount_
Ptr < ImageMotionEstimatorBase motionEstimator_
const std::vector< Mat > *  motions2_
const std::vector< Mat > *  motions_
const std::vector< Mat > *  stabilizationMotions_


◆  suppress()

virtual void cv::videostab::MoreAccurateMotionWobbleSuppressor::suppress ( int  idx ,
const Mat frame ,
Mat result  

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