cv::Complex< _Tp > Class Template Reference 核心功能 » 基本结构

A complex number class. 更多...

#include <opencv2/core/types.hpp>

Public Member Functions

  Complex ()
  default constructor 更多...
  Complex (_Tp _re, _Tp _im=0)
Complex   conj () const
  conjugation 更多...
template<typename T2 >
  operator Complex< T2 > () const
  conversion to another data type 更多...

Public Attributes

_Tp  im
_Tp  re


template<typename _Tp>
class cv::Complex< _Tp >

A complex number class.

The template class is similar and compatible with std::complex, however it provides slightly more convenient access to the real and imaginary parts using through the simple field access, as opposite to std::complex::real() and std::complex::imag().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆  Complex() [1/2]

template<typename _Tp>
cv::Complex < _Tp >:: Complex ( )

default constructor

◆  Complex() [2/2]

template<typename _Tp>
cv::Complex < _Tp >:: Complex ( _Tp  _re ,
_Tp  _im = 0  


◆  conj()

template<typename _Tp>
Complex cv::Complex < _Tp >::conj ( ) const


◆  operator Complex < T2 > ()

template<typename _Tp>
template<typename T2 >
cv::Complex < _Tp >::operator Complex < T2 > ( ) const

conversion to another data type

Member Data Documentation

◆  im

template<typename _Tp>
_Tp cv::Complex < _Tp >::im

◆  re

template<typename _Tp>
_Tp cv::Complex < _Tp >::re

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