cv::videostab::IDenseOptFlowEstimator Class Reference abstract 视频稳定

#include <opencv2/videostab/optical_flow.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual  ~IDenseOptFlowEstimator ()
virtual void  run ( InputArray frame0, InputArray frame1, InputOutputArray flowX, InputOutputArray flowY, OutputArray errors)=0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆  ~IDenseOptFlowEstimator()

virtual cv::videostab::IDenseOptFlowEstimator::~IDenseOptFlowEstimator ( )
inline virtual


◆  run()

virtual void cv::videostab::IDenseOptFlowEstimator::run ( InputArray   frame0 ,
InputArray   frame1 ,
InputOutputArray   flowX ,
InputOutputArray   flowY ,
OutputArray   errors  
pure virtual

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